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"Make Money As My Affiliate"
From: John Alexander
To: My Fellow Webmaster, Email List Owner, or Internet Marketer.

My Friend,

The Alpha Male System™ is taking the world by storm, allowing men to easily achieve success with women that goes beyond their wildest dreams.

  Besides the satisfaction of the tremendous benefit you'll bring to guys you refer to this site, here's what else you get...

  • A 75% commission (over $25) for every sale!

  • An special referral link that's easy to use. All you have to do is send people to my site by giving them your referral link.

  • Your referral link puts a special "cookie" on their system, so if they buy at any time in the next 60 days, you get a commission on the sale.

  • You can trust that you'll get paid. That's because my affiliate program is run not by me but by an independent third-party affiliate payment company, Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the most respected and (from my experience) honest and trustworthy companies on the Internet. (If you've ever been an affiliate for a site that runs its own affiliate program, you've probably seen that they can drag their heels on actually paying you! But because I'm using Clickbank, you know you'll be paid reliably.)

  • No "leakage" here. As you may have seen, I don't encourage customers to pay through check or money order. When sites do that, it robs you of commissions.

  • Follow-on sales for you. After buying "How to Become an Alpha Male," customers sometimes buy my other products too. I have it set up so that you get the same 75% commission on these "back-end" sales.

  • I don't turn customers into affiliates. Some of my competitors are obnoxious about this shameful practice. Maybe they have big, bold links at the sales letter to sign up new affiliates (rather than hide it at the bottom like I do). Or, worse, they have a sales pitch for new affiliates in the actual ebook! With me you won't have to worry about this.

Signing up as an affiliate is quick and easy, and you can start making sales instantly.

STEP ONE: Join Clickbank if you haven't already, in order to get your account ID. To join, follow this link.

STEP TWO: Having gotten your account ID, use this referral link when you promote my site:


Here are resources to help you promote the Alpha Male System:
- Banner ads to use on your website.
- Sample recommendations for my ebook, which you can send out as email promos or use in your affiliate marketing.
- Articles you can use.
- Ebook pictures to use in advertising.


If you're interested in promoting the Spanish translation of How to Become an Alpha Male, use this referral link:

For the French translation, use this link:

For German, use this link:

Please Note:

1. By becoming my affiliate, you agree not to spam, period.

2. As with any business venture, you could lose money on your promotion (for instance if you pay for untargeted advertising). Joining my affiliate program means you have read and agree to my Earnings Disclaimer (link opens a new window).

I view my affiliates as my partners. Your success means my success. So I will do my best to support you, and, again, I offer a very generous commission of 75% to show my appreciation for your partnership.

  Thank you for becoming my affiliate, and if there's anything I can do for you (such as writing a custom article for your site), simply contact me and let me know. Good luck to you!

Best regards,
John Alexander

P.S. I've also written a couple other books: 1.) a sex manual for men entitled How to Be Her Best Lover Ever, a $39.97 product which offers a 75% commission. 2.) How to Get a Girl Back in 30 Days or Less, also a $47 product offering a 75% commission.
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