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Joint Ventures

My Friend,

If you have developed a product that would be useful to my customers, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

A recommendation to my email list could make you a lot of sales!

However, before contacting me, here are the conditions that I require:

  1. Your product must contain NEW material that is field-tested.

  2. You must send me a review copy of your product. I am very selective about the products I promote, so I must be able to verify its quality.

  3. Your product must be sold through Clickbank. After being ripped off twice in the past by vendors who "forgot" to pay me, I have instituted an across-the-board rule that unless I've worked with you before, I only promote products by vendors who sell through Clickbank. If you are not yet a vendor on Clickbank, you can become one by signing up here.

  4. You must offer a commission rate of at least 50%.

If you are able to meet these conditions, then I am looking forward to hearing from you! Please send me a review copy of your product to the following email address:

Best wishes for your success,

John Alexander

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