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  Below are a wide variety of articles you can use as content for your site or email newsletter.

Articles are incredible for driving traffic. Very little selling on your part is required. All you need to do is publish an article that your readers will enjoy, then they will click the link in the resource box at the bottom, and then I'll take care of the rest so you get your 75% commission.

  Each article is formatted with just the barest html, in order to make it easy for you to copy and paste.


  1. Body Language
  2. Use The 'Boyfriending Technique' To Get Laid Fast
  3. Using The "Fated Encounter" For First Date Seduction Success
  4. Have You Got a Girlfriend? Here's How Not to Screw It Up
  5. How to Attract Girls Even If You're Short
  6. How to Get a Girl to Like You
  7. Revealed: What Women Want When It Comes to a Guy's Looks
  8. Are You Making These Body Language Mistakes With Your Hands?
  9. How to Start a Conversation With a Woman
  10. How To Make A Woman Trust You Completely
  11. The Number One Secret Behind the Alpha Male's Body Language
  12. Four Keys to Overcoming Your Nervousness Around Women
  13. Too Ugly? Too Short? Here's How To Turn Your Flaws Into Strengths
  14. How To Have Sex On The First Date

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