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"How to Recommend My Ebook, How to Become an Alpha Male"

Below are sample recommendations you can use. Each is in a different style depending on your audience.

Either use them word for word, or use them as a guide to put your recommendation into your own words. You know your audience best, so you know the best way to say things to them. The most important rule is to always test to see what works best for you...

Please note: The emails below are formatted for AWeber (which I highly recommend if you're looking for an easy way to manage your email newsletter).

Sample Recommendation #1

Subject: Now Women Flock To Me...

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Man, I've never been so happy.

I mean... I used to be such a slouch with women.

Wait a minute, slouch is too nice... I used to be an abject FAILURE with women. They used to laugh at me behind my back -- I was pathetic.

But now I'm happy... deliriously happy, confident and finally enjoying an explosive sex life.


What changed to bring about this sudden onslaught of female action?

Ever heard of The Alpha Male System?

I know what you're thinking... I thought the same thing too. "Oh yeah, one of those cheesy products that tell me to be all macho around women. They never work!"

Exactly what I thought.

But boy was I wrong. And not just in the effects of this system... but in its content too.

You won't find out how to be your typical male dominant, ego-led buffoon. Instead you'll discover some little known psychological techniques that get women weak and woozy in your presence.

These are secret techniques that come about from a change in yourself... and you'll be staggered at the effect they'll have on the opposite sex.

I doesn't matter if you're a failure with women right now, it doesn't matter if you're ashamed of your looks at the moment...

With this 7 step seduction system, none of that matters at all.

You just need to alter the things you say and do... and you become a magnet for women desperate for you to take them in your arms and whisk them off to bed.

I know you're skeptical.

But if it worked for me... it'll work for any guy.

Go see for yourself... the Alpha Male System will be the savior of social misfits the world over.

Prepare to become the center of a lot of female attention...



Best regards,
[Your Name Here]

Sample Recommendation #2

Subject: You Have To See This...

Hey {!firstname_fix},

As you know I'm no slouch when it comes to picking up women, I mean...I've never had a problem going in for the kill.

The opposite sex to me aren't something to be afraid of, they're targets I know I can hit and -- although I'm a regular guy -- I also know I can pick up pretty much any woman I want.

So I figured I'd seen it all...

But I hadn't reckoned on some astonishing mind hacks introduced to me by John Alexander that frankly... put my methods to shame.

See, I'm a great believer in certain lines and techniques which must be used in order to get women falling (or kneeling) at your feet.

But when I came across this insight into the workings of the human mind I realized...

Even I was trying too hard!

You don't need complicated systems or methods in order to pick up women, you just need to change your way of thinking.

Once you apply some underground psychological principles you'll have swarms of women begging you back to their place for some X-Rated action... no joke!

Ok, you're chomping at the bit, I understand.

Go see what my friend John Alexander has in store for you... and thank me later...



Best regards,
[Your Name Here]

P.S. Why are you reading all the way down here? Go and implement these little known brain hacks and watch as the girls flock to you...



Sample Recommendation #3

Subject: Why Aren't YOU Doing This?


It always amazes me...

Most men have no idea how close they really are to being a woman magnet.

They flail around pathetically, almost pleading with women to go out with them. They just don't realize...

By doing less they'd get more action.

I too was a total disaster with the female of the species. I'd be Mr. Nice Guy and do everything I could to please the object of my affection. Where did this get me?

The Friend Zone.

A place you don't want to be if you want to get into her pants.

But eventually the light bulb went on over my head and I suddenly grasped what needed to change and how simple it would be to implement that change.

Ever since that moment I've enjoyed a rollercoaster ride of sexual shenanigans... my body is damn near exhausted but I've never had so much fun.

...And all I did was flip a switch.

This power is available to you right now... you just turn this thing on in your mind and you become an alpha male!

But here's the clincher...

These aren't some hokey New Age techniques... these are the very same secrets advertisers have used for decades to get people to act.

You can use these same simple, quick and easy methods to get the women you desire almost effortlessly.

Go see how...



Best regards,
[Your Name Here]

P.S. He's packed his most effective, most secretive seduction techniques into a single volume and now you can follow in his footsteps to sexual nirvana. Prepare to enjoy yourself...



Sample Recommendation #4

Subject: My Secret Weapon For Seduction

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Sitting on my desk is a powerful weapon for seducing women.

It's a special digital manual I printed out.

I discovered this product last year, and I've been amazed by how easy it is, and the wealth of secrets it reveals.

When I first saw the site, I remember I was skeptical of the claims...

But then when I got the guide and applied the amazing girl-attracting tactics it reveals, I had to give it two thumbs way up.

Get this product and you WILL succeed with women. It's that simple.

It's helped me and it will help you.



Download it, devour it, and use it.

And get tons of girls.

- [Your Name Here]



Sample Recommendation #5

Subject: {!firstname_fix}, the little-known secret that makes the difference...

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Maybe you know a guy who gets all the women flocking to him.

You feel sick when you hear your female friends talk about how "great" he is, when you know there's nothing special about him...

You're just as smart as any of these "players" out there (and maybe even smarter), so why don't women flock to you too?

Let me tell you a story...

It's about a regular, average guy, who wanted to walk up a hundred flights of stairs to the top floor of a skyscraper.

After climbing just a few flights, he was already starting to huff and puff...

And it just got worse from there.

He kept climbing, and after many hours of sweating... and the feeling of a deep burning in his muscles... and even crawling up the steps when he could no longer stand on his own two feet...

The guy finally made it to the top. The 100th floor.

He rested a bit, and looked around --

And saw another man standing there all relaxed and enjoying the view.

"Hey, how did you get up here?" the guy asked.

"I took the elevator," said the man.

{!firstname_fix}, he took the freaking elevator! You know, you could toil for years through the loneliness, learning and failing, through constant rejections, struggling to meet women and get them to like you...

...feeling bitter about those guys who get the girls so effortlessly...

Or you can take the elevator.

Go here and see how a few other men take that easy way to success, hypnotically drawing an endless supply of hot, horny women...



Best regards,
[Your Name]

Sample Recommendation #6

Subject #1: {!firstname_fix}, have you seen this?
Alternate Subject #2: {!firstname_fix}, I'm not kidding...

Hi {!firstname_fix},

I'd like to tell you why I recommend my friend John Alexander's ebook, "How to Become an Alpha Male."

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was an EASY system to get laid, where you didn't have to memorize gobs of material or do a ton of tough exercises?

How about if there was a system where you could magnetically attract streams of hot, horny women to you... while you just sit back and relax?

When you learn the Alpha Male System from John's ebook, you'll discover:

- How to display the correct body language... so that you make girls horny... without even opening your mouth!

- All the "inner game" knowledge you'll need. Your nervousness and neediness (two things that are DESTROYING the natural attraction women have for you) will become a thing of the past.

- The Seven Step Seduction System that takes you step by step from "hello"... to having lusty sex... in just one night.

- And much more!

So if you're not good with girls, and you're not getting laid right now, check out John's ebook. It's a never-fail system, developed by John after many years of experience in the field.

Apply his principles and you will get laid.

Check out "How to Become an Alpha Male" at

- [Your Name Here]

Sample Recommendation #7

Subject: I have some big news for you...

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Last week I discovered a superb guide called "How To Become An Alpha Male." And LAST NIGHT was the night of my life.

I had a hot woman take me to bed with her thanks to what I learned on page 155.

It's at

Get this guide now and you too will make the ultimate male fantasy YOUR REALITY.

- [Your Name Here]

Sample Recommendation #8

Subject: John Alexander Should NOT Get Girls

You heard that right.

John Alexander is a player. But he's lazy. He does nothing and they all flock to him.

He doesn't go out and approach a ton of women every night. He doesn't memorize and practice scripts or routines.

And it's not like he has any easy advantages. He doesn't have a lot of money or a fancy car. He's not a "pretty boy" or naturally charismatic.

And despite all of this, he doesn't do much work to meet women.

Yet he finds himself in one "can't-miss" situation after another…

…where hot young women approach him... and then literally beg to take him home.

Now, get this... his success has nothing to do with him personally. The Alpha Male System he developed is killer.

Some guys call it the lazy man's way to easy sex and romance. Get it right now at:



- [Your Name]

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