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"Pay-Per-Click Keywords"
From: John Alexander
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My Friend,

Below are some keywords you can try out on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising networks and when you're designing webpages.

Remember to format your affliate link like this: (where you replace "YOURID" with whatever your Clickbank ID is.)

...or click here to receive the encrypted version of the hoplink automatically from the Clickbank affiliate network.

It's important to remember that the more targeted your keywords are, the better! To use a hypothetical example, if someone types in "I want to buy how to become an alpha male by john alexander" into Google or Bing, then it's pretty clear what's on their mind!

On the other hand, a very general word like "dating" is extremely untargeted and is likely to lead to a lot of wasted clicks.

At all times, if you do PPC marketing, you should only bid amounts of money that you can afford to lose. Set strict budgets with Google Adwords (or Microsoft Adcenter), and bid very low at first, only increasing your bids on a keyword when you find out the word is profitable. There are no guarantees in life, and paying for search engine traffic can be risky.

Conversion Tracking

I often get asked whether I will put your Adwords sales conversion tracking code (or some other ad tracking code) on my "thank-you" page. The answer is yes! Click here for more details.

Tips for Success With Your PPC Ads

Here are a few tactical tips...

1. Have your own website

Do not send traffic directly from Adwords to my sales page! That game has been over for years now. Back in 2003-2005 you could promote sites by doing that, but today it's a sure-fire way to get a low Quality Score, no matter what product you're promoting. So you should send traffic to your own website, and then from there send traffic to your affiliate link for my site.

2. Capture the email addresses of the traffic your receive

If you capture someone's email address, you can keep sending them tips, product recommendations, etc., to really monetize that traffic you're receiving. In exchange for your site visitor giving you his email address, you should offer him some kind of valuable free report or a newsletter, etc. Here are a few free reports you can choose from, for example. I use Aweber for my own newsletter, and I definitely recommend them. You can find them at or, if you're feeling generous, through my affiliate link so I get credit when you sign up.

3. Consider using Bing

Here's a fact I bet you didn't know: in the United States, Bing, which also powers the searches done on Yahoo and Facebook, has 31% of the search market (as of August 2011 according to comScore). So "The Gorg" doesn't have the complete monopoly any more.

Bing is also a lot less irrational than Google about quality scores, so it's definitely worth checking out. Go here to sign up for Bing Advertising (link opens a new window).

How to Write Better Ads

Good ad text increases click-through-rate (CTR), which increases your ad ranking (and ultimately the amount of sales you make, which is all that really matters).

1. Keyword in title

Having your targeted keyword in the first line of the ad is very important because it will show up as a bold headline. (Bing and Google highlight the search terms in their sponsored links.) Having a bold title will definitely help you stand out from the other ads, because most of your competition is lazy and won't take the time to put targeted keywords in their headlines.

2. Keyword in body

If it's possible to put the keyword in the 2nd or 3rd line of the ad too (without it sounding weird of course), then go for it! Having the keyword in the body of the ad increases the relevance of your ad and, once again, gets it bolded.

3. One line for a unique selling point, one line for call to action

Here's an idea for you. After your headline, have the next line in your ad be a unique selling point about the offer. This should differentiate you from other ads, by explaining to readers why How to Become an Alpha Male offers them the best possible solution for their desires. (A few ideas: the Alpha Male System doesn't require very much work compared to other pick-up systems; it doesn't require you to memorize complicated routines or go to bars and get rejected all night; and it will make women irresistibly beg for your body, no matter how ugly you are right now!)

The third and final line of the ad could ask the customer to act on that information. (This is called a "call-to-action" by direct marketers.)

4. Revise on a set schedule

Always write two ads (not one) and split test them to see which one gets better results over time. On a monthly basis (or more if you have high volume), check to see which ad is performing better. Delete the losing ad, and then make another ad to test against the winning one.

Doing this every month will increase your CTR over the long run. (By the way, if you want to set up Adwords conversion tracking so that you know which of your Alpha Male System affiliate ads are leading to more sales, then click here to find out how.)

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how to increase the performance of your PPC Ads.


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